Freebies and Promos! LOTD ❤ 03 :O

11:15 PM

Hi everyone! ❤ This week there are soo many good freebies and items that it was very difficult to choose just some. (I am just doing one pic per week and as a hobbie soooo... aaaaaaww there are so many good things I loved ◕ ‿ ◕ )

SKIN: Essences Teal - The Gacha Garden (Free - Group needed) (and Essences is having a sale! :O )

HAIR: Elua (Free - Group Gift)

Top : Eluzion - Milena Top Grey (PROMO: Fatpack for 65 L this week)

Skirt:  Eluzion - Gia Skirt Black

Place:  HuMaNoiD
 I love this place! It´s soo peaceful and it has so many good places to take pictures  ◕ ‿ ◕

::: Hugs! :::

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